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You have questions; the spirits await

Dare to raise the veil and see clearly the future so you can make the decisions important to living a happy and fulfilled life. Because Witches see magic in everything, they can cut through the unimportant information and get to the root of the issue. Trained in the traditions of scrying, tarot and the reading of tea leaves by his grandmother in the hills of Western Kentucky, Andrew honed his skills and natural gift since the age of 13.

Andrew cherishes his magical existence and strives to help others find this same place of balance and peace. We all have questions about love, career and money and our guides can lead us to these answers. Andrew will peer into your future using his psychic gifts and bring messages from the other side to you when you need them most. Using clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition and his natural empathic gifts allow for a time of positive and honest communication. Many of our current life experiences are influenced by our past incarnations, Andrew's angel guides can filter through the more mundane existences to pinpoint those eventful wow moments we all have in our past lives.

For hundreds of years wise women and men have been sought after by those wishing to prepare themselves for the future. For many generations Andrew's ancestors have provided this warm and truthful counsel. In earlier times, they hid in the shadows, well, we hide no more! Andrew uses his gifts with pride and considers it an honor to step behind the curtain with you.

Featured in local and national publications he advises people from around the globe using his warm and kind demeanor and down home approach, Andrew looks forward to speaking with you soon.


On June 12, 2011, at 12:27 PM, Mike R. said

"I contacted Andrew and it was the best thing I have done this year! He is understanding and was completely in tune with my past and current situation.

I will call him again."

Mike R.

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