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Better Health through Kinder Dental Care. Mercury-Free Dentistry

I have been practicing dentistry in Louisville for over thirty years after two years as a dentist in the Marines. Shortly after starting practice here in Louisville, a close friend was a patient and she had severe depression. After an exhaustive research project on depression I found that the first clinical sign of mercury poisoning is depression. So that prompted me to replace the mercury amalgam fillings(many refer to them as "silver" fillings) in her teeth and she had a vast improvement in the depression symptoms. Later, after going to another dentist, she was advised that the fillings I placed were not as good as the mercury "silver" fillings so they were replaced. This time with the mercury amalgam fillings just a before. The amalgam is 50% mercury and so shortly she became so depressed that she was hospitalized for three months and at one point attempted to take her own life. When she finally did get out of the hospital on heavy medication, she came back to see me and wanted the mercury removed from her mouth again. Of course, we exchanged the filings out and used a non mercury filing and her symptoms improved greatly and she has lived a much better life and has not been hospitalized for depression for over thirty years now. I know this is an anecdotal story and not a scientific project study. It did get me to thinking about the dangers of mercury in the mouth to repair decayed teeth. I researched the subject further and it is unbelievable that we still today put these harmful implants in human teeth when we are so particular about the handling of this poison in our water and air. I am often amused by a patient who asks, "Doctor, when did they stop using these harmful filings?" They are still used today in the hundreds of thousands every day in the United States.

A quote from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) position paper states,"Countries to include Canada, the United Kingdom,France, Germany, Sweden, Norway , Japan and Taiwan have either voluntarily abandoned the use of dental amalgam or under government mandate placed restrictions and/or issued advisories against its use."

You might want to check the articles out on my website, or call the office and get a free booklet which tells the whole story and lists all the complications that are the result of having a chemical metabolic poison in your teeth and the teeth of your family members.


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