Full Heart Farm Granola

Beth Fowle

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We bake Granola for farmers markets. It is healthy and delicious.

Eco-Statement: Purchasing Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Water Efficiency


On January 12, 2015, at 8:50 AM, Edward Hettel said

I am starting a vending machine company that is centered on healthy foods and snacks. I am currently looking for healthy food distributors who would like to have their products featured in my machines as part of my "eat local" initiative. I want to give people the opportunity to choose a healthier alternative to the foods they see in the vending machines every day.

I am the sole proprietor of this business and will be personally picking up the items and stocking each machine. I am doing this because the onus of distribution will rest solely on my shoulders as well as customer service and product selection. I am looking for local businesses who want to advertise their products in my machines and not only give people the opportunity to choose something better than a bag of chips or candy bar, but try something from a local business that will bring them into your fold as well.

I believe that good products speak for themselves and that you know what the people want at your market. If you have suggestions of what you want to be sold in my machines I am all for it, or if you can simply provide a list of what you are willing to allow me to stock, either way I will be happy to include some of your best sellers in my ventures.

If you would like to discuss this further I can be reached at 502-269-8722.

Thank you for your time,

Edward Hettel

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