Holistic Philosophy Consultants Ltd

Peter Moscow

Address: 409 Marquetter Drive, Louisville, KY, 40222

Phone: 502-423-1188



Bio-Energetic Holistic Therapies for a non toxic healthy life.

The company was established in 1980 to provide a wide range of Holistic Analystic and Therapeutic Services.

Based on a Cyber-Physiological model HPC Ltd provides detailed evaluations of all health related conditions and follows up with the indciated and appropriate therapies.

Long distance evaluations utilizing Psychotronic devices is a speciality which permits the company to work with people in any country with precision. Postive outcomes are expected in most cases.

HPC Ltd is open 5 days per week but not on Wednesdays and Sundays.

HPC Ltd also works with children and especially those with Brain Compromises -such as Autism, Personality Disorders, Central Auditory Processing Syndromes, Vaccine Damage and much more.

The comapany provides health services for domestic animals as well as for larger animals such as Cows and Horses.

Horticultural and Agricultural Radionic services are also available.

A wide varitey of health providers is linked to the company in many parts of the USA and throughout the world


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