Kentucky Resources Council

Kentucky Resources Council

Tom FitzGerald

Address: P.O. Box 1070, Frankfort, KY, 40602

Phone: 502-875-2428



Working for Justice in Environmental Policy

The Kentucky Resources Council (KRC) is Kentucky's only environmental advocacy organization offering legal and strategic assistance without charge to individuals, community groups and local governments statewide. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, KRC accepts neither corporate nor government funding, and is supported solely by donations from individual and group members, individual donors, and charitable foundation grants.

KRC's mission is to protect Kentucky's natural resources and promote healthy communities by providing legal and technical guidance and assistance to individuals, communities, and organizations with environmental concerns.

Using an array of strategies and tools, including litigation, advocacy before state and federal legislatures and agencies, and public education, KRC seeks to protect Kentucky and its citizens from harm and to foster environmental responsibility on a wide range of issues:

* Surface and Underground Coal Mining

* Air Quality

* Forestry

* Water Quality

* Waste Management

* Transportation

* Radioactive Wastes

* Zoning and Planning

* Oil and Gas Water Resources

* Utility Regulation

* Energy

Founded in 1982, KRC has been directed since 1984 by Tom FitzGerald, formerly staff attorney for the Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky. Fitz is a nationally recognized legal expert on coal mining issues and winner of the 14th annual Heinz Award for the environment. KRC has developed a reputation over this past quarter-century as a diligent and effective voice for those who live downhill, downwind and downstream and who bear the brunt of environmental pollution and short-sighted natural resources and development decisions.


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