"Nationwide Food Forests"

"Nationwide Food Forests"

Edward Logsdon

Address: 1269 S. Jackson St., Louisville, KY, 40203

Phone: 502-629-9844



Plant it, everywhere you see a spot to grow.

I am looking for like minded individuals and families who really want to get "Out of Themselves", who want to do something to truly make a lasting positive difference in their community. I feel that the best way to do this is to plant fruit, nut trees, berries and vegetables in public places not currently belonging to anyone, or being used for a useful purpose. If anyone is interested please feel free to send me an email or give me a call. Please respond only if you're serious and willing to make a commitment to this cause. I also have a petition to the White house that you may want to sign.

New Approach

Our new approach is to petition the President and Department of Agriculture to pay the unemployed to do this work. The people of the U.S. don't seem to realize just yet, how important it is for us to do this ourselves. I will ask the president and the DOA to use their funds to plant fruit and nut trees, berries and vegetables in all public spaces not currently utilized for anything other than paying someone to mow grass, when they can be paid to feed the needy and homeless. These spaces include highways, under overpasses, sidewalks, vacant lots etc.

If this for whatever reason can not be done, I will ask that the President create a "Federal Department of Parks and Recreation". This department would then be responsible for hiring the unemployed all over the nation to plant "Food Forests" in all public parks and outdoor recreational areas large enough to do so. Please join our effort in making this happen by signing our petition. Thank you and God bless you all. Edward.

New update. Wonderful news friends. We now have 112 signatures for our petition. Please take a few minutes to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of poor, homeless and unemployed people. America needs you, now! Please sign our petition today. We still need 38 more signatures to get posted to the white house public petition page. We need the rest by 4.27. Then we need almost 25,000 more. Please repost for as long as you can. Keep it going. Thank you.

Why This Is Important

This is important because it will put the unemployed back to work, while feeding the poor and homeless as it decreases the dependency of the impoverished on food stamps. This will in the long run save more money for the federal government than they initially put into doing it. It will pay for itself. I will ask that the federal government pay those who are currently unemployed to do this work. There are many open public spaces all over the nation where people are being paid to mow grass for the city, when they can be paid to produce food for those in need. This will ensure that no one has their property confiscated. I will also ask that the President create a "Federal Department of Parks and Recreation". Funds would be used by this department to pay for "Food Forests" to be planted in public parks and outdoor recreational areas. Please sign and repost. Thank you.

Why People Are Signing

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Donna-Lee Phillips

6 days ago

I am a very poor elderly woman living in a poor neighborhood. Although I have a small garden bed and many pots I cannot manage the planting etc by myself. I would be grateful for someone to help even a little. This county is full of gardeners and farmers. One of them must need the work to be done in my garden. I can or freeze whatever I can harvest or glean, so there is never waste here. I want to remain healthy.

Jon Burr

3 days ago

This is a great idea that can ameliorate unemployment while bringing fresh produce to food deserts in US cities!

Annette Taborn

2 days ago

Sounds like a great program...providng work, bringing neighborhoods together.. acting locally good for the country

Jenni Heiser

4 days ago

Because I believe EVERYONE should have access to fresh, quality food, without having to spend a fortune!! The food industry makes it incredibly easy and cheap to eat very poorly, contributing to a multitude of health issues, including the epidemic rise in obesity rates, diabetes, and heart disease. If we truly want to create a better life and world for our children, it starts, literally, from the ground up. Teaching our families how to grow and sustain their OWN, quality, non-processed food, is the biggest step we can take in the fight against food related health diseases, (including HUNGER!)

William Blockson

5 days ago

this a no brainer.

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