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About OnlyGreen

Our Vision:

To be the world's leading educator and supplier of eco-friendly products and services.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make your transition into a greener lifestyle as seamless as possible. We continually evaluate products to ensure that we offer the highest quality, most cost effective alternatives available.

Through our team of EcoAdvisors, we educate consumers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions. Together, we offer a smarter way to adopt a healthy and ecologically friendly way of life.

The Evolution of OnlyGreen:

It's sometimes hard to know where good ideas come from. When and where they start and when they realize their full potential. The evolution of OnlyGreen is certainly no different. What started as a casual conversation between two friends has quickly transformed into a vision for health and the environment that today, has unlimited reach and potential.

Bob Kafato, an established entrepreneur, already has a demonstrated track record of success. He has previously founded three successful companies including LabX, a premiere on-line auction company, and Solar Roofing Systems, which pioneered and patented the world's first Building Integrated Photovoltaic roofing application using crystalline solar cells. Bob has also worked as a biologist, has a strong background in chemistry, and has worked in the food and drug regulation sector. All of these factors have inspired him to search for healthier alternatives that would be widely accepted by the consumer.

George Kontos, who was successful in the digital media industry, realized one day that it simply wasn't his passion, nor was it enough to keep him excited about his future. His passion has always revolved around the environment, but it wasn't until he began to study the effects of man on the environment did he realize the overwhelming impacts on personal health. His desire to apply his experiences to a business that could truly make a difference, quickly moved to the forefront.

He realized that it was time to make a difference... and so it began.

A discussion about the future of the planet and their need to create a lasting legacy became the impetus for the creation of OnlyGreen.

Norman Dodd, a seasoned manager with a strong corporate background and with vast experience as a consultant specializing in organization development, was recruited to help build OnlyGreen. As a childhood friend of Bob Kafato, and co-founder and President of Solar Roofing Systems, he also liked the fact that renewable energy was clean, non-polluting, and clearly the way of the future.

When the solar company was sold in 2006, he was approached by both Bob and George to become the President of OnlyGreen. Today, he leads the team of talented Product Development, Sales and Marketing executives who are focused on achieving the company's objectives.

A motivating factor in Norman's move to the world of OnlyGreen was led by a deep personal tragedy. After a lengthy battle, his wife Deborah passed away from breast cancer. While cancer is still not fully understood, the use of chemicals in the environment and in the products that are consumed everyday are clearly detrimental to the health of people and our planet.

The green movement is one that is quickly evolving, leaving most of us, as consumers, unsure of where to begin.

OnlyGreen was started in order to provide consumers with a credible source for purchasing their eco-friendly products. We wanted an easier way for consumers to find and order a wide range of products that are environmentally friendly, from the manufacturing process through to packaging, distribution and disposal.

After researching a number of products, we realized that there are many companies that claim to be green, but in fact are not. At OnlyGreen, we have developed a Product Selection Criteria in order to research, evaluate and determine which products to offer, and ensure they are as eco-friendly as possible in most, if not all, stages of the product lifecycle.

Today, our products are accessible from any location, through the internet, and promoted by our talented team of independent EcoAdvisors who want to promote a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. We have a comprehensive training and educational program for our sales force, to ensure that they have the insight and knowledge to properly represent our company, and professionally advise their customers both as a consumer and as a business owner.

At OnlyGreen, because of our focus on health and the environment, we have decided to start our own charitable efforts focused on health and support wonderful organizations that protect the environment.

We are in the process of developing the WigExchange Program to assist those who cannot afford to purchase wigs during chemotherapy treatments. We are looking forward to supporting people and having an impact on their well-being.

Regarding the environment, we will be supporting various environmentally focused organizations and will be donating a portion of our profits each year to help them continue their incredible work on defining the science behind environmental issues and educating our society on the necessary changes needed.

Every little step makes a difference. This simple fact is what continues to inspire the founders and everyone at OnlyGreen.


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