Potential Unlimited

Stephen Pollock CST, RPh

Address: 9700 Park Plaza Ave, Suite 109, Louisville, KY, 40241

Phone: 502-426-2033



Unlimit Your Full Potential

Three in One Concepts (One Brain Integration) Specialized Trainer, Advanced Consultant Facilitator- "We focus on, identify and clear the obstructions to the fulfillment of your Essential Purpose in this life." Remove obstacles to success, happiness- find and move toward your Life's Purpose!

Quick, Gentle, Easy - (Also- teaching the 1st 8 courses)

CranioSacral Therapist (certified) Removing limitations and constrictions in the body as well as emotionally based issues and mentally based ones. Gentle, Relaxing and feel balanced and free!

Reiki Master- healing natural life-promoting energy

Eco-Statement: Energy Efficiency Purchasing Water Efficiency


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