Redemption Painting Company

Redemption Painting Company

Address: 433 1/2 E. Brandeis Avenue, Louisville, KY, 40217

Phone: 502-509-1620



Renewing the Beauty of Our City

As the Redemption Painting Company, we serve residential and commercial, interior and exterior painting projects throughout Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.

As the Redemption Painting Company, it is our job and joy to ‘renew the beauty of our city’ through painting. To make this possible, Redemption Painting Company, has four foundational principles:

Artisan Workmanship: We take great care to provide the best available services.

Renewing beauty in your home or work place takes more than a just a bucket of paint. We understand there are multiple facets to experiencing a successful painting project. At Redemption, we offer professional workmanship through providing: superior and detailed oriented work quality, written estimates and invoices, reliable and flexible scheduling, same day responses to our clients inquiries, free consultations and answers to various question concerning products, color, and design, and exceptional customer service that both listens and provides the needed solutions.

Superior Products: We take great care to use reliable products and tools.

Renewing beauty in your home or work place can be a daunting task. It requires both application skills and product knowledge. At Redemption, we provide superior painting quality through: partnering with reputable paint suppliers, researching the best application strategies, and using reliable products and tools.

Environmentally Responsible: We take great care to pursue the good of our clients, our community, and our city through environmentally responsible practices.*

In order to lessen waste we have adopted to: recycle, reuse, and reduce materials, so that our footprint is of the bare minimum. Practically this means we only use reliable tools and products that provide the most longevity, while also avoiding cheap and disposable products. Additionally, to provide optimal safety to our clients, the environment, and ourselves we use eco-friendly products when available (no or low volatile organic compounds and water based finishes).

Customer Satisfaction: We take great care to provide the best customer experience.

At times a simple painting project can turn into a nightmare. At Redemption, we understand that problems arise, yet we promise to always provide satisfactory solutions. To make things easier, before beginning a new work, we offer clear estimates that cover both the details of the work and the cost. Additionally, we require customer satisfaction before receiving final payment.

Additionally, Redemption Painting is classified as a ‘Certified Renovator’ by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct lead-based paint activities and renovations, which is required by law when working on buildings built before 1978. For more information visit:


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