Russell Custom Woodworking

corey russell

Address: 503 Camp street, Louisville, KY, 40203

Phone: 502-235-3844



Turning trash in to something beautiful.

We think that Russell Custom Woodworking can be best described as a family affair. Corey Russell lives with his wife Chelsea and his two young sons, Isaiah and Titus, in the city of Shelby Park in Louisville Kentucky.

We run a custom wood shop, so every product that we create has it's own unique character and personality. Each piece is built by hand, using only repurposed and found materials, guaranteeing that everything we create is truly one of a kind. From bottle openers to bookcases, and kitchen islands to living room sofas, we build pieces that fit seamlessly into the lives of the people who possess them.

There are hundreds of custom woodworking shops, but what makes ours different is our heart for the materials. We spend hours wandering the streets of Louisville, looking for wood that was discarded and abandoned... the stuff that people would sooner burn than spend time working with.

We take this wood and we say it is good enough that it is worth saving that it is worth making into something beautiful. Because the wood we use reflects the views that we have of people. People dump this wood in these back allies and yard all around the inner city of Louisville because that how they see these people. We don’t. By using the wood we find we help beautify the neighborhoods we work in as well live in. By using the wood we do and by spending time on the streets we get to let our neighbors know they are worth more than living in a garbage can. That they are worth our time that they are loved and we want to show them that they are more than garbage they are loved.


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