Sweet Sixteen Farm

Ilse Apestegui

Address: 25 2nd street, Turners Station, KY, 40075

Phone: 502-750-2694



where happy, healthy pigs roam free!

Sweet Sixteen is a small farm where the well-being of our animals is our top priority. We believe that we must honor them in life, before we can ask them to feed us. We name each animal, we allow them to lead a life that is as natural as possible (with a bit of spoiling thrown in, pigs love to interact and we can't resist scratching them behind the ears, or hosing them down in the summer!) and we even make sure that they are treated kindly and killed painlessly at the butcher.

We supplement our animals' natural diet with feed that is ASH free and we have not put any herbicides or fertilizers on our pastures (aside from good old fashioned manure!) in almost a decade. Also, unlike farms who claim to raise "free-range" animals because they are allowed out of their enclosures for a few minutes a day, our animals truly roam free -or sleep in the barn- as much as they want to.

We sell frozen pork chops, roasts, ribs, and country sausage (hot and mild) at farmers' markets or through telephone orders. Visit our website -or our farm!- for more information.

Eco-Statement: Purchasing


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